Monday, October 2, 2017

This Woman Finds An Abandoned Suitcase In The Park And Makes A Heartbreaking Discovery Inside

Owning a pet is not something to be taken lightly and unfortunately, there are numerous people who do not see the value in providing the proper care for their pets. They do not realize that they need to feed, house and care for an animal in all of right ways and they find a way to blame everyone but themselves for their inability to take care of their pet.

Caring for an animal is something that takes time and effort and there are too many people in this world who are willing to literally toss a pet aside once the going gets rough. The kittens in this story are a prime example of the horrors that can take place when people are not willing to stop and think of anyone but themselves. Sara Baumer, on the other hand? She is an example of what can happen when people take the time to truly care.

She was enjoying a typical stroll through the park when an old suitcase that was laying on the ground happened to catch her eye. The battered suitcase had been tossed out in public and Sara did not think much of it initially. However, the suitcase let out a sad wail as soon as she started to walk away and she was understandably alarmed.

Can you believe that someone actually placed a dozen little kittens inside of this suitcase and tossed them away? Once Sara opened the suitcase, she scooped up the brood and took them to a local animal hospital. The vet was on the duty examined the kittens and determined that they were in fine condition. All they needed was some food and water, in addition to treatment for their fleas.

The person who abandoned these animals was never found and the vets were able to provide them with the care that they needed. The kittens were also given the chance to find a forever home and while these animals were fortunate enough to be rescued, there are a host of other animals who do not find themselves as lucky as these ones.

If Sara had not heard the sad wails of these kittens coming from inside of the briefcase, who knows what might have happened? We are thankful that she stopped to take a closer look at the situation and we wish these adorable kittens all of the best at their brand new forever homes.

SOURCE: Relay Hero