The Real Story Behind the 'Taong Ahas' in Robinson's Galleria Was Exposed by Veteran Actress Alice Dixson!

The Philippines has a very colorful and rich culture. Our cultural heritage has created plenty of myths and legends that some people take as fact even in today's modern world.

One of the most famous urban legends that emerged during the '90s is the alleged existence of a half-snake and half-human hybrid inside Robinson’s Galleria.

According to legend, the hybrid was allegedly attracted to beautiful women who use the mall's comfort rooms. After marking a particular lady, the creature would abduct her. 

The urban legend claims that the hybrid was really the brother of John Gokongwei, the owner of the famous mall. 

Moreover, there are rumors that veteran actress Alice Dixson was a supposed victim of this secluded creature. Rumors stated she escaped from the creature and the Gokongwei family paid her to keep silent. She allegedly avoided media appearances until the rumors eventually died down.

After many years since the urban legend proliferated, the actress finally shed some light regarding the authenticity of the story. 

In an episode of GMA’s Sarap Diva hosted by Regine Velasquez, Alice claimed that the story never happened. She insisted that the urban legend was never true and it might be just a product of some creative minds.


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