Do You Have Type O Blood? You Better Avoid Doing This, It Could Save Your Life!

A person’s blood type can tell a lot about them, such as his/her attitude, origin, and even health status.

These details found within the blood can be very useful. It could even save your life in the future.

Take for example people with blood type O. These individuals play a huge role in society since their blood can be donated to people of all blood types including A, B, O and AB

People with this blood type are also said to be both productive and powerful as well as mad, impulsive, and hyperactive once stressed out. 

A Japanese study even states that people with this blood type are typically responsible, committed, organized, well-focused, conscientious and practical. They are also more logical.

However, a person with this type of blood is more prone to diseases such as developing ulcers and thyroid dysfunction. 

This is brought about by the low thyroid hormone levels and insufficient iodine found in people with type O blood. Without enough iodine, thyroid levels go out of control.


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