Friday, November 6, 2015

Bossing Vic Sotto posted an open letter addressed to all the bashers of AlDub!

Ever since the love team of Alden and Maine became popular, the fans and haters are also coming out of nowhere. Bashers are using different social media sites just to post hates about Maine and Alden.

Most of the bashers claim the AlDub has done nothing good for this country and that they haven't done anything to help this country improve.

However, a fan of Eat Bulaga and Kalyeserye has stated the most painful comeback for those haters who said that the Eat Bulaga and the AlDub Nation hasn't done anything good! 

A lot of people agreed with what this netizen said! Even Vic Sotto noticed this man's speech and applaud him for what he said.

People claim that before you judge someone, you should at least know who they really are.

Despite that this account of Vic Sotto is just a fan made, it really has a point.

Aldub, Kalyeserye, and Eat Bulaga has really done a lot of things for this country!

Source: Twitter