Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vandolph Quizon claims that Karen Davila humiliated his mom! Check this out!

The interview of Karen Davila with Alma Moreno has drawn different reactions from the netizens. Some claim that Karen shouldn't put someone on a hot seat in that way, while the majority of the netizens made fun of the said interview. 

However, Vandolph Quizon, the son of the late Dolphy Quizon and Alma Moreno didn't seem to be happy with the interview. 

Image Credit: Inquirer

Vandolph claims that Karen has no right to treat his mom that way. 

"Karen humiliated my mom in the National TV..." Vandolph said. 

He claims that Karen shouldn't choose whom to respect and should treat all her guests equally. 

However, the netizens seemed to have understood Karen, they claim that she's only doing her job and since Alma is running for senator, she prepared for the  tough questions.