Monday, November 2, 2015

Thai-German male couple had finally gotten married! You've got to see this!

We know for a fact that the Thai-German couple Mond and Thorsten became the center of controversies and became the most popular couple in the internet after a photo of them while holding each other's hand went viral online. 

People made fun of the photo and said a lot of harsh things about them. They claim that both men shouldn't be together, especially if the guy is truly hot. 

The couple finds these comments offensive, but they don't care because people don't really know them.

Photo Credit: Naparuj Kaendi Middelhof

And now, we should greet them congratulations to the couple has tied the knot and got married on Saturday. 

Despite all those jealous rants of others, they still remained strong. 

Source: Coconuts, Naparuj