Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Solenn Heussaff gets pranked big time by Isabelle Daza! Hilarious!

Isabelle Daza is one of the renowned actress in the industry. Aside from the beauty that she inherited from her mother, she is also a witty woman. 

She had the perfect idea to prank one of the hottest stars in the industry as well, Solenn Heussaff. 

The plan was to be inside the store where luxurious bottles of wines are being sold. Then the man named Nico, who went along with Solenn grabbed a bottle started tossing it in the air and passed it to her. 

The bottle was shattered into pieces. When the staff demanded for the payment, the man got furious, which was stressing out Solenn towards the situation. 

Belle was watching her dear friend's aura change from good to bad vibes.

Source: Isabelle Daza