Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pa-Cargo Boys Transformed Into Tanim-Bala Boys Delivers Their Message In A Unique Way!

From being the Pa-Cargo Boys who dealt with the issue of of Bureau of Customs opening the 'balikbayan boxes' of the OFWs, they have now transformed into the Tanim Bala Boys and they have a message to the authorities who are to blame in this situation. 

The leader of the group was named as Patricia Dumbo who is a comedian. He took pride in leading the group in making a funny video that deals with the current issue of the victims who were accused of bringing a bullet in their luggages

They showed their anger and disgust towards what these. 

The Tanim-Bala boys also claims that before they were removing stuff from their baggages now, they are adding. 

It is really embarrassing to see that the authorities could do this to the innocent people. 

Source: Patricia Dumbo