Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Open Letter of An AlDub Fan addressed to Maine Mendoza!

We all know for a fact that Maine Mendoza is indeed popular among the viewers. Despite that her love team with Alden was accidental, people still accepted them and they're now slowly reaching the success of their careers.

However, a concerned fan of Maine Mendoza posted an open letter addressed to Maine Mendoza.

The one who posted the open letter claims that they can still remember that Maine Mendoza was very grumpy before. They even witnessed how Maine and Jose Manalo fought behind the camera. But then everything changed when Alden came into the picture.

Screenshot from DefinitelyFilipino

The poster of this open letter wondered what would her career look like if Alden didn't come into the picture. 

As a fan of Maine Mendoza, he also requested her to ask Alden if he really loves Maine Mendoza.

"Personally I don’t believe in the word “forever” or “destiny”, but I believe in freedom and free will to choose what’s best for you," He said.