Friday, November 13, 2015

New Modus Operandi 'Siksik-Kiki' Scammers Targets Small Carenderias Caught On Cam! Check This Out!

A lot of people are striving hard to earn a living. Often times, they use their small amount of money to put up a business that could potentially double their money. 

But there are some people who do not have any conscience that they do their best to steal something from others. 

Just like this woman who was caught on cam as she did her scheme to fool the owner of this little Carenderia. As seen on the video, she paid a whole amount. The owner does not have any change of the huge amount that she used to pay for so she had it changed for smaller bills. 

Watch the woman in pink as she quickly hid some of the change and told the owner that what she gave her was not correct. These kinds of people do not deserve to be out there fooling anyone.

Source: YouTube