Saturday, November 7, 2015

This Man Proves That Loves Does Not Rely On Physical Appearances! Touching!

They would often say that love is blind but not all people could prove it. It is a mere fact that before you get to know a person deeply, your eyes must approve their appearance first. Some even claim that the eyes are the first to fall in love

But this man would really make you believe that there are true men out there who are willing to accept you despite of the imperfections that you have. 

As seen on the photo, it seems as if the woman had an accident which resulted in losing her eyes and completely distorting her face because of the scars that was left. 

But despite of what happened to her, this man beside her showed how much he loves and cares for the woman. He did not care how she looked like. All he knows is that she needs someone to lean on to and he is that person.