Monday, November 23, 2015

Maine Mendoza was mobbed at Sam Smith's concert!

A lot of netizens were irritated after Maine Mendoza disguised herself just to attend the Lifehouse concert. People claim that she no longer has to do that because people won't even mob her. 

So, it seems that she've learned her lesson that's why she decided to attend Sam Smith's concert without even changing her appearance. 

One of the concert goers who was identified as Angeline Rodriguez posted on a blog site that they were about to leave the venue when suddenly, people started gathering on the other side of the venue.

Angeline assumed that maybe Sam Smith went to the front entrance to personally meet his fans, but she was wrong. As they get closer and closer to the crowd, they began hearing people saying, "Si Yaya Dub" 

She then saw how Maine Mendoza was mobbed by the concert goers. She claims that the AlDub fans have gone crazy after seeing her. 

She also added that despite being mobbed, she remained calm and posed for pictures taken by her fans.