Saturday, November 7, 2015

Julia Baretto and Enrique Gil's Controversial Photos Goes Viral Online!

Julia Baretto is one of the hottest and prettiest faces in the showbiz industry. In line with that, several projects were given to her along with a lot of endorsements. 

She was first paired up with Inigo Pascual but then the management decided to mix her up with the 'King Of The Gil' Enrique. 

We all know for a fact that Enrique is not only a good actor but is also a wonderful performer. Fans claim that they are both promising stars. 

But there are photos that went viral over the social media sites whereas Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil are kissed by anonymous people. 

They say that the man who kissed Julia Barretto on the cheeks is one of the members of the production staff. But Enrique's photo gained negative comments since another man was kissing him on the cheeks. They say that the man was the one who was financing her. 

Are these photos real or just a strategy to make their career grow stronger?

Source: BoyViral