Monday, November 23, 2015

JM De Guzman uploaded a distressing video that disturbed his fans!

After JM De Guzman uploaded a disturbing video online, his fans and all the people who have seen the video were alarmed. They knew that something was not right with the way that the actor was acting out.

During the entire video, JM was constantly doing absurd and weird faces. He even flexed his muscles and tried boxing out the air. But the whole video was a total nonsense. He was even shouting out, but nothing good came out from his mouth.

It only shows that the actor was going through a rough time. The netizens claim that he is using his Instagram account as a journal which shows the different phases in his life. 

As it appears, the actors are having difficult times right now. With the help of his supporters, we hope that soon JM will be okay. 

Source: ChosenTrends