Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jhong gets mad at Karylle inside the PBB House. Find out why!

We can still recall that Kuya surprised the showtime hosts by inviting them to enter the PBB house while they sere in the middle of the show's airing!

Inside the PBB house, Jhong, Karylle, Vhong and Anne were given a task by Kuya. 

They were asked to do a scene in the house were each housemate will see them. Jhong should pretend that he's having an argument with Karylle and they have to make the housemates believe that everything is real. 

People claim that these artists really have insane acting skills. 

Jhong at Karylle Nagkainitan sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya!Galing nila umacting (Y) :DLike Pastillas Girl
Posted by Pastillas Girl on Tuesday, November 3, 2015