Monday, November 23, 2015

James Reid and Ellen Adarna's controversial photos created issues as it leaked online!

When you are in the Showbiz industry, a lot of people are looking forward to your actions especially the fans and the haters. The fans would love to know every detail in the career of their idol while the haters would stalk them to create nasty rumors that could potentially ruin the careers of the actors and actresses. 

One of the stars who has an intriguing issue is the half of the love team JaDine, James Reid. 

There were rumors that he is dating the hot actress Ellen Adarna. The allegations became stronger when he uploaded the photo of him and Elen in a bar sharing a kiss on the cheeks. 

This photo went viral online as many people gave their mixed comments. Some people claim that they look good together while others wanted to stick with the JaDine love team.