Thursday, November 5, 2015

Is ABS-CBN really involved with the hacking of Maine's Twitter account? Here's what AnonPH has to say!

Everyone was really shocked when they found out that Maine Mendoza's official Twitter account was hacked by a group called Anonymous Philippines.

However, a few moments after the account was given back to Maine Mendoza, the Anonymous Philippines posted that the ABS-CBN paid them a huge amount of money to hack and to destroy Maine Mendoza's account. 

Because of this, the page was bashed by the netizens, especially the AlDub nation. But then, the Anonymous Philippines posted an update on November 3 that they aren't involved in any partnership or agreement with Abs-cbn, they also said that they weren't the ones who posted it. 

Some netizens really believed that it wasn't them who really posted it. While others got mad at the ABS-CBN Network for such issue.

Source: BoyViral