Saturday, November 14, 2015

Alden Richards vs. James Reid as mall employees! Who did it better?

How will you react if you went to a mall to buy something and suddenly you encounter one of the hottest personality in this generation?

In this video, James Reid, the lead actor of the television series entitled 'On The Wings of Love' was asked to pretend as a mall security guard.

As soon as the mall goers noticed that the guard is familiar to them, they immediately jumped for joy.

Almost all of them noticed that he is indeed James Reid. They were all happy and excited to see him. He even allowed them to hug him.

However, people are now comparing Alden Richards and James Reid because there's also a video wherein Alden Richards pretends as a grocery bagger.

The reactions of the customers were truly priceless as they see who packs their groceries!

If you were one of these mall goers, how do you think would you react in this situation?