Monday, November 23, 2015

He was too shy to ask her out, until he did something that captured her heart! MUST WATCH!

Every girl had been dreaming of their perfect man. Most of their fantasies came from the 'Prince Charming' that Disney films had pictured out for them. But in reality no man is perfect, each of them is great despite of their imperfections. 

A great love story was featured as a music video in one of Thailand's outstanding songs. 

It was a story of a guy who never had the courage to tell the love of his life how he really feels about her. Every time that he plans to say it to her, fate makes a way to ruin everything. 

He tried different ways of impressing her, but because he lacks the guts to tell her, he always fails.

Until he finally had the courage to face her and tell her how he really feels.