Friday, November 6, 2015

The hackers of Maine's account AnonPH held a Million Mask March on Thursday!

Everyone was literally left in shock after a group called Anonymous Philippines hacked the Twitter account Maine Mendoza to warn everyone about the Million Mask March.

And on Thursday, the 'hacktivist' group held a Philippine rally called the Million Mask March along Mendiola Street.

Image Credit: Rappler

This group aims to call the attention of the government. They claim that this government we have right now needs a reformat, for it to work better again.

Before this rally took place, this group made a wide-spread defacement of the Philippine government websites. They've hacked the website of NTC or the National Telecommunications Commission.

Image Credit: Anonymous Philippines

They also hacked Maine's Twitter account to announce the big event of the Million Mask March.

People claim that this rally was passionate yet non-violent!

Source: Rappler