Monday, November 9, 2015

Engineering Student Committed Suicide After Missing 3 KalyeSerye Episodes!

There had been a news that spread out online that a student ended her life after missing 3 episodes of the hit and phenomenal tandem of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards in 'KalyeSerye'.

The news claims that the girl was was suffering from depression because of her life and studies. The afternoon series 'KalyeSerye' became a temporary reliever of the depression that she has and she felt happy for quite some time. 

Until the typhoon Lando came and their town had a blackout. The electricity was down and she was not able to watch her favorite show for 3 days. 

But this story is only a hoax. The website Pinoytrending who created this issue is known as a satirical site that provides hoax news to its readers. 

Source: SocialTrends