Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A video of this Chinese Billionaire has gone viral online! Find out why!

A Chinese Billionaire has once again caught the attention of the netizens! He didn't become popular because of his wealth, but because of how he uses his money!

A man named Chen Shan, who happens to be the only son of a Chinese billionaire who reportedly was the richest real estate investor in China, became popular among the netizens after a video of him went viral online!

The video shows how he boasts his wealthy living by showing off expensive cars and pretty ladies. 

It turns out that Chen's father passed away earlier this year, making him the sole heir of his father's wealth. 

But the story doesn't just end there, Chen has a rare condition that affects his appearance. He has an anemia that causes the enlargement of his liver and spleen, jaundice and development problem that prevents him from undergoing a plastic surgery treatment. 

He then claimed that he's using his extreme wealth to have girlfriends. He pays them a huge amount of money just to have intercourse with him!

Source: SocialTrends