Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big Brother Prepared A BIG Surprise for Big Winner Miho! What is it !?

The surprises for the Pinoy Big Brother 737 Big Winner Miho Nishida never seemed to stop. 

When the PBB Big 8 guested on the show of Showtime, Big Brother gave them a letter saying that they will be going back to their normal lives outside the Big Brther house. 

But the main concern of the letter was towards Miho. In the letter, Big Brother said that she could live in the PBB House along with her mother Mercedes and her daughter Aimi. 

This is just temporary while the house and lot that she have won is under construction. 

Miho's expression showed that she was happy with the news. But she claims that she needed to go back to Japan to fix her school papers. 

Big Brother Has New Surprise for Miho :)
Posted by Pastillas Girl on Monday, November 9, 2015