Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Anonymous Philippines hacked Maine's Twitter account for a purpose ! Find out what it is!

We all know for a fact that Maine Mendoza's supporter are really waiting for each and every tweet of hers, because her supporters claim that each post serves as an update. 

However, the AlDub Nation was quite surprised when they witnessed the recent posts of Maine Mendoza.

A lot of people were literally confused when they saw the tweets. It turns out that the account was hacked by a group called "Anonymous Philippines"

They even posted on Maine's Twitter account about the Million Mask March 2015.

What's even more shocking is that even Maine Mendoza's Facebook account was removed and the Facebook Page of the Anonymous Philippines claims that they'll be having a Press Release regarding the hacking of Maine's Twitter account.

They apologized for the damaged that they've caused but still, they said that they'll give back her Twitter account as soon as they're done.

What happened to Maine's account sparked an outrage online. They claim that if the Anonymous Philippines wanted to say something to the government, they should've told it to them directly, because hacking other person's account is never acceptable!