Saturday, November 7, 2015

12 Starbucks-ing Etiquette! The Pasosyal Way!

Starbucks had become one of the favorites of the Filipino people. It is a place where they could have a little chat with their friends while enjoying the food and beverages that the coffee shop could offer. 

Here in the Philippines when you are enjoying a cup of coffee with the brand of Starbucks you are often labeled as a rich kid because you can afford it. 

Now, these etiquette for Starbucks-ing (Pasosyal Way) had been making rounds over the social media sites. It is like a guideline on what you can do if you are inside the store. 

Image Credit: When In Manila

However, not all people that go in the Starbucks are rich people. Some are just there for 'social climbing' reasons. They just love the fact that their friends could see that they are having a coffee at Starbucks!

Source: BoyViral