Sunday, October 18, 2015

Viral photo of Korina Sanchez while in line draws various reactions online!

Most of us really take photos whenever we are falling in line. It's quite normal for us, but then everything's different if you are the wife of a politician and also a well-known broadcast journalist. 

Korina Sanchez-Roxas became the center of controversies after she posted a photo of her while waiting in a line. She posted it with a caption "On my way to Cebu for a speech. Aba, opo, pumipila po ako haha!"

Her post earned various comments and opinions from the netizens.

Image Credit: Korina Sanchez

Most of them claim that there's nothing to brag about falling in line because we all should be falling in line, no special treatments, and no exemptions.

However, other people defended Korina and simply said that they admire her for setting aside her fancy life and started facing the real world.

A lot of people even said that things like this should never be posted in the first place.