Friday, October 30, 2015

Rude customer humiliated the restaurant owner, which she thought was a crew!

Being a customer doesn't really give you all the rights to disrespect a service crew or the owner. If you really wanted to earn other people's respect, you should at least show some respect for them.

A Facebook user named Ayeen Valdezco-Regalado posted an unfortunate incident in her own restaurant. She was disrespected by a customer who thought that she's just a service crew.

Ayeen said that the customer claims that they fail to serve the right meal, instead of liempo, she claims that the crew served her a porkchop.

Ayeen then defended herself and proved to her that there's a big difference between their liempo and porkchop.

The customer was too furious to the point that she even pointed the fork in an inch away from Ayeen's eyes.

She was so mad that she even brag about her college degree.