Monday, October 26, 2015

Realtalk at its finest: This man Maka-Gago has spoken about Vice's speech! MUST WATCH!

A lot of people were indeed furious when Vice Ganda has spoken about their ratings. Vice claims that they've already surrendered from the start because they can't really defeat Eat Bulaga. What made the netizens became furious is when they saw a video of Vice Ganda wherein the comedian said something intriguing about Eat Bulaga.

In this video, a man has spoken about Vice Ganda's humble speech. He claims that what Vice Ganda did was very wrong because a few months before his speech, he kept on saying something rude which is obviously for their rival show.

This man claims that Vice Ganda's way of making other people happy is indeed different with the way Jose and Wally makes them happy. He said that you don't have to judge someone just to make other people happy.

He also added that it's way better to live a simple life like his, despite that he's not rich all that's important is that he's true to himself.

Source: YouTube