Saturday, October 3, 2015

Watch how PBB housemate Tommy will do anything to prove his love to Miho!

Abs-Cbn, also known as the Kapamilya network, is famous for having various loveteams such as KathNiel, Jadine and LizQuen. What's amazing is that the network handles them with the right support and attention that is why every loveteam trends.

Now, another loveteam named ToMiho from the program Pinoy Big Brother is trending online. PBB housemate Tommy confessed to Big Brother about his true feelings towards Miho. Big Brother replied that he has to experience the Filipino way of courting if he really wants Miho to be his girlfriend. Roger was assigned to guide Tommy while Dawn will be Miho's guardian.

Big Brother also wants Tommy to ask the permission of Dawn to know if he can be allowed to continue his intentions to Miho. Dawn said that he needs to swim 100 laps and every lap, he should say what he truly feels for Miho.

Miho became emotional because she can't believe that Tommy will do anything and everything only to prove his love to her.

Source: Abs-cbn