Sunday, October 4, 2015

An Open Letter to ABS-CBN's It's Showtime: Reasons why I switched from Showtime to Eat Bulaga!

Are you a Kapamilya fan who turn his back around because of slowly losing interest for the show? Well, it seems that you and this letter sender have the same situation.

This letter sender named Patricia who chose to hide her identity explained why all of a sudden she lost interest in watching "It's Showtime".

Image Credit: TahoNews

She claims that she enjoyed watching the show for 6 long years, but recently, she starts to be upset with the show, that's why she decided to watch Eat Bulaga, specifically, AlDub.

She then stated that she's really enjoying watching Maine and Alden. What even made her stick to AlDub is the life and moral lessons from Lola Nidora that can really help an individual.

She said that she didn't write this open letter to It's Showtime as an AlDub fan but a fan of Showtime. She claims that she's concerned with what the show had turned into. 

"I must admit, I miss It's Showtime a lot. But I cannot take it anymore.. I'm still proud to be a Kapamilya Fan but please give a good reason to stay that way." Patricia said.

In the last part, she claims that she wanted the natural kind of entertainment and fun that It's Showtime have given her for the past 6 years.

Source: TahoNews