Sunday, October 4, 2015

An open letter to the 2015 China FIBA Basketball team! MUST READ!

The Filipinos accepted defeat on the FIBA Championship against China. However, there are lots of viewers who just can't help but to point out the things that have gone wrong and maybe purposely done during the FIBA Championship.

A Facebook user named Rye Dela Cruz posted an open letter to the 2015 China FIBA Basketball Team.
Image Credit: Rye Dela Cruz

He pointed out how China's jersey looks the same as Spain's. Rye Dela Cruz also pointed out the dirty tactics of China that worked to perfection.

The China delayed the Gilas' electric bus that would take them to the stadium, which resulted to a lesser time to warm up.

But wait, there's more, as the Gilas were warming up, the officials then fixed in the courtside of the Gilas which once again lessens their time to warm up.

Image Credit: Rye Dela Cruz

And lastly, the China didn't provide tickets to the assistant coaches of the Gilas Team which really pissed them off.

Image Credit: Rye Dela Cruz

But still, the Gilas Basketball team admits defeat, but they are proud that they ended losing the battle yet with pride, dignity and humility! 

Source: Rye Dela Cruz