Sunday, October 18, 2015

One of a kind Bank note with a hidden word, sold for £336! Unbelievable!

An old banknote, specifically a 50 rupee bank note that was used by Seychelles is now the most talked about topic online! 

Everyone was left in shock and in surprise after the bank note was sold for £336 in an auction. 

It turns out that a hidden word was secretly printed on the Rupee which gave other people the interest to be the keeper of the bank note.

Image Credit: Duke’s of Dorchester

In the palm trees next to Queen Elizbeth II's head, you'll be able to find a word 'sex'. Once you turn the rupee sideways it will be much easier for you to see the hidden word.

They claim that the maybe the word was intentionally added by a pro-independence printer and hid it so that it would be unnoticeable.

And because the banknote is no longer printed as a value, people are eager to bid for it during the auction.

Source: ManilaFeed