Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Netizens reacted to Vice Ganda's tweet for his bashers! Check this out!

No one can ever forget Vice Ganda's speech on It's Showtime's 6th anniversary. He claims that It's Showtime wasn't placed in the noontime show to beat Eat Bulaga, but rather to help Eat Bulaga in making other people happy.

And now, the netizens are stalking Vice Ganda's social media accounts to find something fishy. Luckily, they found a tweet on his Twitter account wherein he posted some bad words pertaining to the bashers.

Upon seeing Vice Ganda's tweet, the netizens immediately claim the social media sites to post their opinions.

There were some netizens who said that Vice Ganda has no rights to say bad words to his bashers. While others simply stated the fact that they should stop bashing and comparing because they aren't earning anything in return for what they're doing.