Saturday, October 3, 2015

Daang Matuwad: Controversial lap dance done with a politician!

The election is fast approaching that's why various politicians who declared that they'll be running for a specific position continue to do different gimmicks just for the people to know who they are.

However, a couple of politicians are now receiving issues and controversies after the nasty photos and videos went viral online.

The video clips show a couple of dancers who are wearing a skimpy outfit while doing a lap dance in one of the politicians.

The people claim that this took place at the oath taking of the Liberal Partylist in Laguna.
However, the politician defended himself and claimed that it was just a birthday gift and no malice was included during the performance of the girl.

This is the reason why people are changing the politician's tagline from "Daang Matuwid" to "Daang Matuwad".

Source: BoyViral