Sunday, November 1, 2015

Joey de Leon and Tito Sotto's Halloween Costume made the netizens furious!

We all know for a fact that Joey de Leon is indeed a very vocal person, a couple of issues were already thrown at him because of his tweets. He is also a person who would do whatever he wants to.

Recently, issues are once again being thrown to him and Tito Sotto because of the Halloween costume that they've worn on Saturday.

Joey and Tito Sotto are wearing the outfits of the Muslim people

Because of this, a Facebook user became furious and told Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon that their outfits shouldn't be used as Halloween Outfits because those were being used in holy times. 

The Facebook user then added that if you really want to gain respect from other people, you should learn how to respect them.

Source: Facebook