Thursday, October 15, 2015

Is Maine and Alden allowed to talk to each other off cam? Check this out!

Ever since Maine and Alden became popular due to their accidental pair up, people are eager to find something fishy to ruin their career.

There have been a lot of issues that were thrown to both personalities, but they were able to overcome it.

And now, another issue is being thrown to them. A photo of Alden Ricahards in a van while talking to a woman goes viral online. 

Image Credit: Jessiebeth Corpuz

After it went viral online, people quickly claim that the Kalyeserye was simply scripted and the photo says it all, since they allow Alden and Maine to talk during off cam.

But then a fan immediately defended them and showed another photo showing that the woman wasn't Maine but another Eat Bulaga staff.