Sunday, October 11, 2015

Husband hunts his cheating OFW wife who posted an intimate photo with another man!

Most of us believed that when a couple reached the point where they've already exchanged vows and tied knots, they'll no longer look for another love that could ruin their current relationship. However, this belief was somehow broken because of those people who committed adultery.

We can't deny the fact that most Filipinos chose to work abroad to earn bigger amount of money and hopefully to pay for their loans.

Screenshot from Facebook

But then everything seems to be different for this man named Reylan Celis. He claims that his wife went to Saudi Arabia to look for a job, but then she didn't just found a job but also another love.

He is now seeking for a lawyer's help to hunt his wife after he saw an intimate photo of his wife.

Screenshot from Reylan Celis

He claims that he wanted them to get arrested for committing adultery! 

Source: Reylan Celis