Monday, October 19, 2015

He found his mom and his best friend in bed together! He totally lost his mind! MUST WATCH!

In this generation, more and more people are getting engaged in pulling off random pranks on their partners and even on their best friends.

In this prank that's made by Roman Atwood, he claims that he wanted to prank his best friend by making him believe that he is having an affair with his mom.

Vitaly, the best friend of Roman came home drunk with his girlfriend. He was surprised when he entered his mom's room and saw his best friend in bed with his mom.

He was so furious with what he saw, it even came to the point where he wanted to kill his best friend for what he did.

He was so mad, when suddenly some cameramen who were also their friends, entered the room while laughing so hard! 

Source: RomanAtWood