Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Experts Claim That Vegetables and Fruits Can Be Poisonous! Find Out How You Can Avoid It!

We all know for a fact that a lot of people love eating fruits and vegetables. They claim that they wanted to be healthy and to live longer that's why they prefer eating fruits and vegetables. What they didn't is that the seeds of some fruits and vegetables can harm their system! 

Experts claim that the seeds of tomato, string beans and corn can harm us once the seeds were heated. The fluid coming from the seeds of the said vegetables turns into hydrogen cyanide once it was heated.

Experts then advised that we can avoid being poisoned by vegetables if we will be cleaning it before we eat it. They claim that the harmful substances come from the environment that's why the best solution is to clean and cook the vegetables.

Source: TV5
Mag-ingat sa pagkain ng gulay
BABALA: Mag-ingat po sa pagkain ng gulayCredit: TV5
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