Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dessert singer, Dawin wanted to have a dance showdown with Lola Nidora!

The phenomenal Kalyeserye of Eat Bulaga once again caught the attention of an international artist! 

The international singer and rapper Dawin, who was known for his hit single entitled 'Dessert' sent regards to the cast of Kalyeserye and to the whole Eat Bulaga via Twitter on Monday.

The international rapper claims that he wanted to watch Eat Bulaga and that he's very glad that everyone loves his song. 

Image Credit: @OfficialDawin

In addition to his regards to Eat Bulaga, he also said on his Twitter account that after watching Kalyeserye, he wanted to have a dance-off with Lola Nidora that's played by Wally Bayola.

Image Credit: @OfficialDawin

Kalyeserye is indeed being known not just in the Philippines but also in different parts of the world! 

Source: GMA Network