Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dawn claims that Zeus was just playing with her feelings. MUST WATCH!

We are all aware that Zeus and Dawn are indeed acting strange inside the PBB house. But then, right from the start she already told everyone that she's in a relationship. But still, Zeus insisted in being close to her. 

Recently, Kuya asked the 5 remaining housemates, Dawn, Zeus, Miho Roger and Tommy to pick anyone who they think that deserves to be a part of the big four. 

Because of this, an issue sparked inside the house wherein Tommy claimed that Dawn is just playing with Zeus' feelings. 

Dawn felt irritated and at the same time hurt with what Tommy said. What hurt her even more is that Zeus didn't even said something. He didn't even defended Dawn. 

Because of that, Dawn claimed that maybe Zeus was just playing with her feelings.