Thursday, October 22, 2015

Horrifying photo of a headless student goes viral online! What really happened to this girl?

Creepy headless student was caught on cam!

There had been a lot of scary and creepy photos online that have made us shiver because of so much fear. And now another photo is scaring the netizens online! 

A certain photo was posted in a Filipino page on Facebook that have caught the attentions of the netizens. If you believe in the Filipino Folklore or any superstitious beliefs, you'll surely be scared with what you're about to see.

Creepy headless student was caught on cam!
Image Credit: Isabelino Ako

At first, you'll be curious about what's wrong with the picture. It simply looks like a stolen shot of two students who were goofing around with each other, but as you take a closer look at the background, you'll see a walking headless student! 

A lot of Filipinos claim that whenever you see a headless person, slap them hard or let them know that they're headless in your sight because Filipinos believe that it was a sign that their death is near!