Monday, October 26, 2015

Rowden's brother, Chef Hasset Go passed away due to liver cancer.

Let's admit the fact that most of us were indeed touched when this dying cancer patient named Rowden married his partner.

And now, another tragic story has hit their family once again. His brother who is a chef, Chef Hasset Go was also diagnosed with a liver cancer. 

He has received a lot of treatments for his recovery, but unfortunately, he didn't make it.

Chef Hasset Go was already featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho for a couple of times, he was even part of the Billboard shoot of KMJS for their 10th anniversary.

In this video, The KMJS team showed everyone the happy memories that Chef Hasset has left them. 

They showed that despite what he's going through he still decided to fight and smile. 

Source: Facebook

Heartbreaking story of Chef Hasset Go #restinpeace :'( :'( :'(Credits: KMJS
Posted by GabRu on Monday, October 26, 2015