Sunday, October 4, 2015

Boyfriend's revenge is the most horrible prank I've ever seen! MUST WATCH!

More and more people are aiming to pull off the sweetest revenge after being a victim of a horrible prank. In case you want to see a successful revenge prank, you better watch this one! 

In this video, the man claims that he really wanted to get even with his girlfriend after pranking him. He wanted to show his girlfriend that she's not the only one who's  capable of pulling off pranks.

He pretended that he applied an aggressive laundry detergent on his girlfriend's hair instead of an ordinary shampoo. After washing it, she showed her the pile of fake hairs and pretended that her hair is falling because of the laundry detergent.

She was so pissed off with what she saw to the point that she pushed her boyfriend in the tub. He then told him everything and his girlfriend started cursing at him! 

Source: ManilaFeed