Thursday, October 29, 2015

A boy from Bulacan died because of Paolo Ballesteros ! Shocking !

Recently, a lot of people were shocked when a fifth grader in Bulacan passed away after trying to imitate Paolo Ballesteros' dance routine in "Bulaga Pa More" segment of Eat Bulaga.

The family of the boy claims that he is truly a big fan of Paolo, every stunt and dance moves of Paolo were being imitated by this kid.

But on Saturday, while he was trying Paolo Ballesteros' stunt using a blanket, he failed and died. The people claim that the parents of the boy went out to watch AlDub's Tamang Panahon in their neighborhood that's why the kid was left with no supervision.

Image Credit: Fashion Pulis

When his parents first saw his lifeless body, they were in shock and they thought that maybe because of poverty that's why he decided to hang himself. But then, the police officers claim that according to their investigation, the knot was too loose. 

The boy must have tied the knot too loose that it made his head hit the floor hard!