Monday, October 12, 2015

'Am I gonna die?' Elizabeth said on her last appearance on TV! This creeps me out!

We all know for a fact that the late artist Elizabeth Ramsey has been a big part in the showbiz industry that's why people were shocked when they heard about the news. 

People claim that the last appearance of Elizabeth Ramsey was filled with laughter. It was during the first season of 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' last May 10. 

At the end of her performance, Billy Crawford handed out a bouquet of flowers and greeted her for the mother's day. She then joked and replied "Bakit mamamatay na ba ako?"

Image Credit: Abs-cbn

People claim that her last performance was like a tribute and also a foreshadowing.

Image Credit: Abs-cbn

As the news broke out about Elizabeth Ramsey's death, people expressed their deepest sympathies.