Monday, October 19, 2015

AlDub Nation breaks the Ticketworld records for the most number of sold tickets!

On Saturday, Lola Nidora announced that the tamang panahon will finally happen. Their Tamang Panahon will took place at the Philippine Arena on October 24, 2015.

Image Credit: LionHearTV

Due to this news, the AlDub Nation are eager to buy the tickets right before the tickets run out!

Image Credit: LionHearTV

Because of the huge number of people who wanted to avail the tickets, the official website of the Ticketworld Manila is beginning to experience problems.

Image Credit: LionHearTV

Most fans prefer to buy tickets online but then they can't, because the server can't handle too much users!

People claim that the Aldub nation once again breaks the record with the most number of sold tickets on a single day.

Source: LionHearTV