Wednesday, September 9, 2015

World's drunkest man alive was found in the Philippines!

It is okay to drink alcoholic beverages for as long as you can handle it. 

A video of this man is now circulating online! The man in this video is now being tagged as the world's drunkest man alive

Authorities claim that this hotel guest brought chaos in a hotel in the Philippines. The said drunk hotel guest was throwing things and breaking dishes in his hotel room which really disturbs the other hotel guests.

This man was so drunk that he can't even walk on his own. His body was filled with alcoholic beverage to the point that it can't even function well. 

The authorities were even forced to wheel the man out of the hotel. 

The medical experts were then forced to place this man in an ambulance for him to receive medical treatments and also to have a good recovery.

The experts then claim that this man will surely wake up with the most devastating headache due to hangover.