Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Viral : Joey de Leon once again reacts to Lea Salonga's 'Kababawan' tweets!

We all know for a fact that on Saturday, Eat Bulaga broke their previous record of 12 million tweets after the Kalyeserye garnered a total of 26 million tweets.

But then it seems that a lot of things had happened on Saturday, a lot of people are expressing their hate over some people who've been misunderstood.

Are you familiar with Lea Salonga's tweet about "Kababawan", well, the very vocal Joey de Leon once again reacts in the tweet of Lea Salonga.

Photo Credit: Lea Salonga

Joey de Leon claims that he needs 25.6 million reasons that proves "Kalyeserye" simply shows shallowness.

Photo Credit: Joey De Leon