This woman was held as a hostage. What the homeless man did is truly heroic!

We've heard a lot of heartwarming stories of how strangers risked their lives to save someone who's not even related to them.

This is a heroic story of how this homeless man risked his own life to save the woman's life.

The 61-year-old homeless man was identified as Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima, he was pronounced dead after the gunman shot him in the chest.

Francisco fought with the gunman to save a woman who was held as a hostage.

The gunman was identified as Luiz Antonio da Silva, 49 years of age, was shot and injured by the authorities.

After this story went viral online, the netizens claim that the authorities should honor Francisco at least by giving him a decent burial.

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Via Tell Me The Truth 2015, Unilad

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